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    Someone Help me with a diet

    Ok, I want to lose most of my midsection but i don't know what diet i shoud take. I want a diet where i won't lose all my muscle mass but lose my fat, get it?

    PS. I take creatine and lets just say if i go on Xenedrine or Hydroxycut will i keep muscle and lose body fat

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    Lets see if I have your stats right:

    You are 15 y/o
    You weigh 195
    You are 5'9

    What are you eating now? I take it EVERYTHING in sight! I see you wrestle and play football: great. What does your cardio plan consist of?

    Since you don't know your bf% I will assume its high. If I am worong, let me know and I'll probably give you different advice.

    Based on what I suspect, try making small modifications at first, like cutting out sweets for a couple weeks while at the same time try 20 minutes of pretty intence cqardio 5 days a week. See if you start heading in the right direction. Given your young age, it will be easier for you than it is for older people, but still it is really hard to change habits you have had for a long time.

    Again, let me know if I am off base with my assessment, because you didn't really give a lot to go on in your query.

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