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    What do you think

    Started the BSN mass stack two days ago. Here is how ive broke it down and how ive worked it into my diet.
    The mass stack consists of Nitrix, Noxplode, and Cellmass. Im using three different types of protein powders Nlarge2, Micellar Matrix, And Serious Mass.
    Using the Serious Mass mainly for the amount of calories.

    6:00am 3 Nitrix tablets
    6:30am Breakfast
    9:00am Micellar Matrix shake and a snack
    9:30am Cellmass
    12:00pm 3 Nitrix tablets
    12:30pm Lunch
    3:00pm Nlarge2 shake and a snack
    5:30pm 3 Nitrix tablets
    6:00pm Dinner
    6:30pm Noxplode
    7:00pm Workout/ Cellmass immediately following
    10:00pm Serious Mass shake

    trying to keep my calories around 4000-3500, as im trying to bulk. Anything you would change around? or do differently?

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    it's hard to tell, your diet doesn't really say much, but from what i can tell it seems like you're relying on shakes too much for protein/meals. i may be totally off because you haven't really listed diet, but that is just what i can see.

    if you're bulking you don't want to have just "breakfast, lunch, dinner" you need more actual food than that-more solid meals.

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    Agreed, too many supps. You need more real foods to grow.

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    Caliskrilla yada?!
    I agree. This last week has been hectic with finals and I've been supplementing with much to much whey instead of chicken, eggs, and red meats.

    I can't believe how much different I feel (not in a good way). I just don't get very full with even 4000 cals (I'm 180 lbs, lean). Normally, I almost puke at a couple meals during the day.

    Whole foods are definately a must, shakes don't cut it.

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    should have added what my diet consists of-
    as far as breakfast lunch and dinner I try to get atleast 3 of the food groups in. As far as the shake hours go im also includeing a snack with them, trying to get 2 food groups in on those. As far as the 4000 calories im not big im around 135lbs, and I wanna puke when I scarf all this stuff down.

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