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    Pa AGAIN.

    help me with my bulking diet

    This is what I am currently eatting and I figured I would stay on this when I start my cycle

    Apprx 30 mins before the gym; 5:30am:
    2 Mega mens vitamins
    1 b-12 1000mcg pill
    2 servings of Oatmeal w/ 1/2cup of Milk
    4 pieces of toast

    After the gym I eat:
    2 sunny eggs
    4 pieces of toast
    Cup of Milk

    For lunch I eat (noon):
    1 cup of non fat yogurt
    2-3 pieces of chicken (breast)
    1 serving of Cottage cheese
    1 b-12 1000mcg pill

    Snack 6pm (b.c I work 2nd shift):
    1 cup of non fat Yogurt
    1 serving Cottage chesse
    1 cup of milk

    Lunch (work) 8pm:
    2-3 Pieces of Chicken (breast)
    1 serving Cottage cheese
    1 cup of non fat yogurt

    After work, before bed, apprx 12mid night
    1 serving of Cottage cheese
    1 cup yogurt
    tall glass of water
    sometimes I eat a Lg Tuna sandwhich plain with Xtra mayo from the WaWa (gas station)

    ***keep in mind I drink water thro-out the day

    I just wanted to post this before I started my cycle consisting of:
    Test 250, 500mgs wkly
    Dbol 35mgs daily for 4 wks
    (can I add another 35mgs daily Dbol toward the end of my cycle for another 4 wks?)
    10-20 mgs Nolv daily
    (+my vitamins listed above)
    After my cycle I have Clomid Therapy

    Now I hope I am eatting good. I feel fat all day but I know I must eat. And I know that when I am off I can worrying about cutting to my liking. I don't want ab's. I'd like to just be solid but with muscle deffinition thro-out my body. Any input you all may have will be appreciated

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    Serious help needed here. Did you read the bulking sticky? Too much yoghurt and cottage cheese going on. Incorporate EFA's like flax oil, almonds, etc. Total lack of proetin aswell.

    Where are the PWO & PPWO meals bro? 2 eggs and a some toast ain't gonna do it!

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