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    Diet for my mum- she has no energy!

    hey guys,

    i was wondering if people could give me some suggestions to what i could do for my mums diet. basically her diet sucks. shes is not overweight at all, but there are days she has no energy at all, days she eats numerous meals and days she will eat very little.

    she doesnt eat breakfast, which i know is a start.

    im not looking a meal plan, just maybe some pointers i could ask her to use as the basis. my sugestions so far have been:

    *Drink more water, at least 2.5 litres/day
    *Eat porridge in the morning and have protien with it (either as a shake or in the porridge - she is up for using supplements)
    *include more veggies and eat at least 5 times a day.

    basically im looking for ideas as to what will give her energy throughtout the day.

    any suggestions r appreciated


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    besides caffeine, eating smaller more frequent meals during the day is a BIG start for increasing energy levels. Then offer her different meal suggestions. Most people (no fault to your mom) think of dieting and "eating more healthy" means sacrificing taste. Many healthy food choices available.
    Does she eat a lot of refined sugar? whether it is in drinks or whatever else?

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    no but she only ever drinks diet cola, pretty much nothing else.

    any other suugestions guys?

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    Tell her to get her thyroid tested!

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    she should eat lean protein and whole grain carbs mostly during the morning hours (if she works out then she should eat good carbs after it) and then eat mostly protein and healthy fats in the evening. Veggies with every meal and her fruits should be low GI such as Berries.

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    Blown !!! Agreed .. I would make sure she has had a physical fairly recently... Make sure her doctor says that excercise is ok for her to do..

    Drop all sodas period... too many things to list about them.. even coffee and teas can be a problem .. They are an anti-vitamin and will dehydrate the body... too much of these are not good.. so moderation must be kept in mind.

    If she doesnt have a weight problem, she should just start her day with a brisk walk for 20-30 minutes .. have a breakdown of 4-5 small meals a day and she will do great.. a good vitamin pack is also a good thing with plenty of B vitamins and minerals..

    Dont do anything too quickly.. she should ease into a program of any kind so dont be to quick on Mom .. K !

    good luck

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