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    Morning diet/supp advice...

    Good morning all. I have been reading and researching for quite a while now, and dont seem to find an answer. Im sure it is here but just cant find it. I workout at about 5 or so in the a.m. Its a must for me since I have to be at work by 7, get off at 6 and it is a pretty high stress job, so I am spent when I get home. I normally workout on an empty stomach, I have found NO-xplode, this stuff is great, and that is all I take, weight training and some cardio after. I am down to 200lbs right now at 6'1", due to the flu. My target is probably 225, I will soon start a small sust/d-bol cycle. I have no problems putting weight on. Is it a must to eat pre-workout? I hear so many diff stories. By the way i get up at 4:30, to take my NOxplode. Thanks for any advice, sorry for the book.

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    I would never go to the gym with out eating, your burning major calories at the gym and if your not eating anything before you go where are those calories going to come from, IMO your doing more harm going to the gym on and empy stomach. If your trying to pack on a few more pounds then you need to eat, wake up a little easrier so you have time to do so.

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