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View Poll Results: Keto diet v's losing fat slower?

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    6 75.00%
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    2 25.00%
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    Pembo is offline Junior Member
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    May 2002
    Manchester, England

    Keto diet V's losing fat slower!!!

    Why do you prefer? Do you think a keto diet is unsafe?

    while at uni a keto diet is no good for learning due to as lack of glucose for the brain. The brain surviving on ketones for energy is does nothing for me.

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    Deadend's Avatar
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    Jan 2002
    I tried a keto diet once and lost a lot of weight, but gained most of it back when I went back to just a regular low cal diet. I think keto d's are good for two things, people who are competing and if you have a special event that you know you want to look really lean for, such as a vacation to the beach or a pool party.

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    Iwan2bsolid2's Avatar
    Iwan2bsolid2 is offline Senior Member
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    I believe the best way to lose weight is to eat a clean diet, and take in less total calories than you need per/day. eat carbs, eat some good fat, eat lots of good protein sources. If you do this you will lose weight slowly without sacrificing muscle. I've done keto diet's too, no energy, and you mostly loose water. BB's use them to rid the last little bit of water under the skin to give the dry appearance and hard look toward the last couple weeks of competion diet prep. Being on a keto diet all the time is not the best IMO.

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    dudsy is offline Junior Member
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    I have tried keto diets(bodyopus) in the past, they worked well, but the damn thing tends to run your life and eating all that fat made me not enjoy eating(i love eating) and anyone who has tried bodyopus can tell you that the weekend super carb up is a pain in the arse. With this in mind i believe the best diet is the one that works and that you are comfortable with sticking with. I am using duchane's(rip) isocaloric diet now and its working just fine.

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    The problem with slow weight loss is that most people (based on research) give up. Something like 80% of all dieters gain all the weight they lost within the first year.

    When you can see the results quickly it seems logical that there is more motivation to stick with it.

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    Buddha_Red's Avatar
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    Hey gang,

    I did the atkins induction thing for a while. The water loss was killer but to this day i cannot look at a slice of sandwich meat with cheese rolled up.

    I am doing the 60-20-20 diet right now. It is slower but my gains in strength and some beginning of definition are comming along nice.

    I just cant handle no carbs, I keep them low naturally but i eat basically

    1 meat, 2 veggies for lunch and dinner and snacks are protien shakes and/or an apple. and lots lots lots of water.

    damn i love pur water filters =)

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    Aug 2001
    I think this thread just about sums up my thoughts on ketosis.

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