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    Caliskrilla yada?!

    Whole eggs as a pro/fat meal?

    I've been eating a lot of whole eggs (yolks + whites) lately as my pro/fat meals. Generally six at a time, so the macros break down to:
    36 pro, 0 carb, 27 fat
    I'll eat a few almonds to get the rest of my fat for my macros for the meal.

    They are really easy to find everywhere I go (my parents, friends) so it's one less thing I have to pack with me everytime I leave the house.

    Is there anything wrong with eating whole eggs as a pro/fat source twice a day (12 whole eggs/day)? Chloresterol problems? Too much sat fat?

    I know you can't go wrong with egg whites, but just checking that the yolks are healthy if used at the appropriate time.


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    Usually when i have eggs for my profat meal i have 12 eggs total and only 3 yolks which gives about 12 grams of fat. And there is only liek 1g of saturated fat so the fat is good fat.

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