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    critique my cutting diet please!! New schedule!

    My schedule is changing where I am going to be working out late afternoons and evenings. This is the diet I came up with, can you please tell me what you think, any suggestions are appreicated.I will try not to be confusing but I have days where I work or go to school, and wake up at 6am. On those days, I work out at 4pm. Then, I have days where I workout in the morning.
    I am willing to do anything to get rid of this fat I have!!!! It is so gross!
    Current stats
    135 lbs. ( have gained 7lbs!!!!! I weighed myslef his morning!!!!!! Ahhh!)
    5" 5'
    21 yrs. old
    working out with weights 4 days a week
    cardio 4-5X/week

    loose 15 lbs
    this is what I eat when I work
    Meal# 1 around 9am
    6 whites
    1/2 tsp. vingerette
    1/2 c avocado

    Meal #2
    turkey meat from deli
    2 slices of whole grain bread
    mustard and salsa

    Meal #3 (after workout)
    1/2 c Oatmeal
    6 whites
    or whole wheat pasta
    and extra lean ground turkey
    1/2 c sweet potatoe
    6 whites

    1/2 c fat free cottage chease
    1/2 c berries
    1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter
    flax seed pills

    I was thinking about adding something when I wake up in the morning at 6am like a scoop of whey and peanut butter, But I am not sure. What do you think?

    When I workout in the morning my diet looks like this

    Meal #1
    1 c Oatmeal
    4 whites

    Meal#2(after workout)
    like meal #3 from above

    Meal #3
    1 c extra lean ground turkey
    1 tsp olive oil

    Meal #4
    salad with chicken or shrimp
    some type of fat ( dressing) I usually use lite dressings.
    (like 1 or 2 a week I use some cheese and avocado too)

    I would really appreicate some help.

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    I would definitely take a look at the patterning of the meals in the "STICKY" post atop the page, as well as what they are comprised of. The breakdown fits your schedule pretty well too.

    7 lbs. is nothing, and you could rid yourself of that in 3-4 weeks max.


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    flamethrower411 is offline Female Member
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    okay, so I am going to have to competley revise my diet!! what do I do for PWO??? Can I still have my cottage cheese at night instead of the shake??

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