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    My Diet for gaining Mass.. (help)

    Ok. First off. Im 18 6'2 about 200lbs. I work out 5 days a week in the gym my workouts consist of this:

    Monday - Chest
    Tuesday - Back
    Wednesday - Off
    Thursday - Legs
    Friday - Shoulds, tri's, bi's
    Saturday - Off
    Sunday - Chest... and it just keeps going on and on.

    My diet for working out is high in calories and carbs. This is what i eat on a regular day.

    7.00 am - 1200 Calorie shake which contains many carbs and fats and protein. 5 Eggs and 3 oatmeal packets.

    10.00 am - Protein bar w/ 300 cals and 20g protein and a whey protein shake consisting of 35g protein and 250 cals.

    12.00pm - Lunch time. 3 beef burritos at 300cals and 12g protein each. With my daily animal pack vitamins.

    2.30pm - pre-workout meal. Half protein bar 150cals and protein shake 35g protein and 250 cals.

    4.45 pm - After i work out another 1200 calorie shake.

    7.30pm - Dinner. Rich in protein and carbs. Grilled chicken spagetti and other meats. Tot****g to around 600 - 800 cals and 50 g protein.

    9.45pm - Snack before bed. Whey protein shake at 45g protein and 370 cals.

    I consistently drink water and nothing but water throughout the day. I consume probably 1.5 galons a day.
    I sleep anywhere from 7 - 9 hours a night.

    This is my schedule for gaining mass.. Tell me what you think. Should I change anything??

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    is it working for you???

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    I would not advise doing chest on Sunday and then on Monday!

    I would read the bulking sticky. Ditch the protein bars as they are usually full of sugar and a crap protein basis.

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    too much of your diet relys on protien shakes and bars. try to eat at least 250g protien from meat and whole foods then suppliment from there. i only see 3 real meals there and 5 shake/ bar snacks you need to switch that and add 5-6 healthy protin rich meals and only 2 shakes. ditch the protien bars.

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