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    supersteve Guest

    First go @ cutting, critique diet + workout advice

    Well first my stats:
    215lbs, 6'4, ~9%bf

    Am going to do a quick cut ... have been using hgh for a while @ 4iu and will continue it, also going to run another slin cycle and some clen on this cut (I've run both before and am aware of the dangers etc. and can handle them fine). Also I run proviron @ 50mg ed, I get blood tests regularly and my testosterone is well above the normal range (i'm 20) so it's not shutting me down at all.

    Here's the diet I had planned:

    Meal 1 P/C: 500ml skim milk (25g protein, 35g carbs) + cereal (50g carbs) + 1 scoop whey (25g protein) = 520kcals

    Meal 2 (PWO) P/C: 90g dextrose (90 carbs) + 3 scoop whey (75g protein) = 660kcals

    Meal 3 P/C: Tuna (20g protein) no-fat cheese (10g protein) bread (20g protein 25g carbs) = 320kcals

    Meal 6 P/F: Lean Meat (60g protein +10g fat) + veggies + fish oil (10g fat) = 330kcals

    Meal 4 P/F: Tuna (30g protein) + nuts (15g fats) + 1 scoop whey (20g protein) = 330kcals

    Meal 5 P/F: Tuna (30g protein) + nuts (10g fats) + 1 scoop whey (20g protein) = 330kcals

    Meal 7 P/F: Calcium Caseinate (60g protein) + ½ scoop whey (10g protein) = 280kcals

    Total: 200g carbs, 50g fat, 400g protein = 2850kcals

    Am going to cut back the weights to 3 days a week and do cardio 3 days a week. Cardio will be in the form of intervals - high intensity.

    Now my biggest problem is when to do the cardio. Obviously my weight sessions will be between meals 1 and 2. Should I do my cardio then as well?
    Also on off days do I replace my pwo meal with a pro/fat meal or do I just leave it out all together.

    Any other suggestions I will gladly take on boards.

    Many thanks.
    - Steven

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    I personally would do cardio immediately after weight training and IMO I would not replace PWO meal. This change or cycle in calories can cause the the body to keep guessing day to day potentially keeping your metabolic rate elevated.

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