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    Sick and Tired of Tuna

    Ive been eating canned tuna packed in water for the last couple years. I feel as though its the cheapest and best source of protein, but im starting to worry about the whole mercury thing.I eat Tuna every day, about 6-9times a day.(and since im going to school this week i dont wanna carry containers full of tuna every day) any help would be appreciated

    Is this healthy?
    Do u guys know of any other good and cheap protein sources?

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    6-9 times a day? wow! I can only stand about 2 tins a day. The rest of my protein comes from turkey breasts and egg whites

    Usually purchasing a big bag of chicken breasts isn't that much. Cook them the night before ready to take the next day. Eggs are cheap too.

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    my fav is probably gonna have to be turkey (breasts and ground)

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    Egg whites are prolly one of the best/cheapest and convenient sources IMO

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    Egg Whites definitely cheap and IMO lots of versatility.

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    I quit eating tuna a few months ago. I am SO sick of it. Over the hoidays, I bought a few whole turkeys, roasted them and cut them up. I wish whole turkeys would be more available other than the holidays.

    I also buy whole hams and do the same thing. Only thing, alot of sodium, but I drink tons of water.

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