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    This diet is no joke :D

    Hey guys I just wanted to post my results. I tried that cutting diet from sticky, that really works ! I noticed i look leaner than b4.. jumped on the scale.. Wow!
    Im 6`3. I was @ 228Lbs .. just by changing to this diet I went down to 212Lbs in a month and 1 week. All that without doing any cardio ! SOme of the weights seem to be heavier than before though..especially bench press and biceps workout. I think thats because of much lower carb intake. I need to check my bf now... Last time it was 228Lbs %16.7 bf.
    This web site rocks.. As always !

    Thanks guys.

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    wow great progress bro, keep up the excellent work, add some cardio though id say and see how fast you drop it then....or at leasst wait until you hit a stopping point in the loss of weight then u might wanna do cardio, anyway if its not broke then dont fix it!

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    well since your heart is the most important muscle you shoud do cardio no matter what, even if your bulkin( just not as often). try 45 mins of cardio a day first thing in the morning at 65-75%mhr and the fat will melt, that is if your diet is spot on.

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    good to hear bruh

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