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    recommendations for diet

    ok fist off i'm a MMA and Kickboxing fighter so i get some cardio.
    here's me and what i'm try'n to get to.
    6ft-155 17%bf i only do 150lbs reps for bench what i'm try'n to do is
    get up to 178bls and 225 reps bench. by summer.
    i have not a clue as to how many calories i need a day. or any supluments i want to take.

    to let you know what my workout is starting to look like.
    sun. rest
    mon.lift 1hour ,mma class 2hours (p.s. the mma class not that much cardio) just kinda practice holds and throws
    tuse.kick boxing 2hours
    thurs.kick boxing2hours

    i jog 2 miles every day

    i need the weight for my fighting class and am not woried about cutting at all i also know i'm looking to eat 6-7 meals a day

    any advice????
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    If you want to gain weight including your kickboxing classes, drop the jogging everyday first off. 6ft 155 17% bf with all that cardio tells me you don't eat very well at all. Take a look at the bulking sticky atop the page from this forum first, it will help you out.

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