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    how many calories??

    In Feb im going to start cutting cuz i need to see my abs for the first time in my life. Im 5'11 185 lbs. I need a reccomendation on how many calories to cut with. i was thinking of 2200 calories to start with then if i hit a plateau i can lower the cals. im guessing its going to take about 12 weeks to get cut. does this amount sound good, give me some suggestions...........

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    2200 is a good place to start. When your weightloss slows down/stops its time to decrease and tweak up your diet a few hundred cals each time.

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    I will say this again, as i have said it in many other posts, adjusting to your bodily needs is the key. If something doesnt work adjust/change it, if it works then dont. Its all how your body reacts and how your react to your body in terms of adjusting your diet.

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