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    You Organic Only People - BEWARE!

    I just reeled in a nutrionalist as a client and she posed some very interesting facts about buying organic. I was shocked to learn that the only foods she said you should purchase in organic is fruits, breads, and nuts. Simply because there is just way too many pesticides in non-organic foods.

    However, the free-range chicken and eggs you pay double for? Complete waste!! Did you know the definition of free-range is if the coop door is open for FIVE FREAKING MINUTES!!! Chicken doesnt even have to go out, the door just needs to be open! LOL......There are a ton more, pm me if interested.

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    Yeah, I never bought that special shit myself.


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    I just eat little children. Costs me nothing.

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    Scotty, beam me up
    there is organic chicken

    I try to always buy organic veggies and fruit simply because its more bang for the buck. Organic veggies and fruits can have as much as 8 times as much vitamins and minerals. Not to mention organicly grown apples taste AMAZING while regular apples taste like paper.

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