I'm currently at 270lbs (not muscle, but at least it isn't 390 anymore ), and I've been going to the gym for about four months now, so I'm somewhat of a newb. Up until this point, I thought I should be cutting to lose all the extra fat... but from what I read here, I'm beginning to think that I should bulk first (clean diet) so the extra muscle helps burn calories, as well as having muscles to show off when I do lose the rest of the weight. What's the optimum way to go for a fat bastard such as myself? Bulk and then cut? or cut and then bulk?

I was reading this thread and that is a massive amount of food. During the weekend, I work three twelve-hour shifts, with two break periods about four hours apart. During those breaks I've been hitting a chicken breast and some frozen veggies, but that doesn't put me anywhere near hitting the 300g of protein for the day. Any tips for getting all that food in while trying to work?