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    How important is AM cardio

    I can only make it to the gym to do AM cardio, 3 days a week, i do the rest of the cardio after i lift, i am just wondering how much more effective is the am cardio, than the cardio after lifting, would i have to so twice the cardio after lifting to make up for it not being i nthe AM, thanks for the help

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    Deep in some Guts!!! haha
    Dude I was just wondering the same thing you gotta do some research some stuff brother. Look up HIIT cardio am cardio is Very important

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    my picture in my avatar is the result of doing zero am cardio if that helps.

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    i do AM cardio 3 times a week just like you, and the results are in my avatar as cardio, empty stomach. even if you watch pumping iron, while arnold bulked he still did am cardio 2-3 times a week for atleast a half hour

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    pretty much same discussion in this thread bro...

    Can't do AM cardio anymore...

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    I think the general consensus tends to be if you can't manage cardio in the am then performing it in the pm around three hours after a pro/fat meal is preferable.

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    chinups Guest
    AM cardio is best and best done on empty stomach but by no means is it mandatory and not worth doing if you do it in the PM. Cardio is Cardio

    If I had the luxury of doing AM cardio I would but I can't because I wake up at 4am everyday and start work at 6am. But this does not hinder my results from doing cardio or getting in shape

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