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    Dieting for the busy man

    how do u guys keep up with ur diets and supplementation assuming that most of u out there have full timejobs and/or are students. Because i have noticed that if i want to gain 20lbs of lean mass before juicing i would desperately need to eat at least every 2 hrs for the next several months.
    I was just wondering how ppl who work fulltime can do this
    BTW im planning to become a personnal trainer so any trainers out there your help would be appriciated (i hear its even more difficult since your always training clients every hour for like 8-12hrs )

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    i work 30 hours a wk,pulse 13 hrs of school,i eat whille i walk to class,i take breaks during work to eat some cold chicken or a protein bar,you just have to make time its hard at first but you will get your routien down.i pre cook chicken and steak every 2 days so i grab it on the go eat it cold.

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    in a dilapidated apt.
    PREMAKE EVERYTHING YOU CAN... i make protein drinks, chicken, fish, hardboiled eggs, tuna, vegetables, everything i can and bag it, and do what i need to and bring what i need with me everyday to classes.

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