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    cals on cutting diet

    just finished bulking starting clomid in 5 more days after that going to start cutting for 2 months and start my next cycle

    week 1-4 dbol @ 40 per day
    week 1-12 test e @ 500 per week
    week 1-12 eq @ 500 per week
    week 10-15 var @ 80 mg per day

    Question how many cals do i need to eat during cutting. During my bulk i was at 4500 per day

    39 yrs 6'2" 235lbs need to get to 210lbs

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    google for a nutritional calculator...
    there is one here at steroid .com it is down a little on the left its under "fitness calculators"

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    Vegas, me personally i wouldnt cut coming off a cycle, your body is fighting to get back online, by restricting cals your hampering that process.

    I like to wait until PCT is over then begin slowly cutting down. Its almost an invitation to lose muscle post cycle if you diet right away.

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    I usually stay the same or up the cals 250-500 a day just to help keep some mass that I just worked my butt off getting. Wait until you level out and know your back to normal, hormone wise, then start your cut.

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