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    My Diet/Eating...Any Advice?

    Well, since Im in high school still, it is hard for me to eat like 6-8 meals a day, but as for the 3 core meals go, here they are: (Using all Skim milk)

    -bowl of total
    -orange juice
    -instant breakfast drink (nutrional drink)

    -instant breakfast drink (nutrional drink)
    -cottage cheese with non-fat yogurt
    -white chicken breast
    -egg whites

    -whey isloate protein shake
    -a good meat my mom fixes (if not, I just eat my chicken breast)
    -usually some kind of pasta to go with it
    -2 tablespoons of raw peanut butter

    Um, I take 3 fish oil and 1 flaxseed oil pills a day, along with 1 complete multi-vitamin. I was thinking about getting some protein bars or some nutrional snacks for throughout the day. Going for a high protein/low fat workout diet. Just looking to get lean and mean Thanks for any advice!
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    3 meals a day won't cut it bro. I am busy with work and stuff but i still find time to cook and prepare stuff for each day. You won't get very far with that diet. A serious lack of protein. Dont bother with protein bars, there full of shvt.
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    U gotta pack shit w/you to take to school.

    I recommend shakes in containers that don't leak to surround your 3 solid meals.

    It's all about what you eat.


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    weres the protein in this diet ??

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