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    An explanation of what to have immediatly after workout and why.

    Post Workout Nutrition

    Why eat after training?

    To attain muscular hypertrophy (growth) from resistance training post workout nutrition is of primary importance. Immediately after training you need to rapidly supply glucose and amino acids as bare essentials.

    Why Glucose?

    After a resistance session the fatigued muscles will have used all their glycogen (stored glucose) and if these stores are not replenished then catabolism (breakdown of existing muscle tissue) will provide energy (what you don’t want). Therefore supplying glucose rapidly is essential when trying to build muscle. The quickest way to replenish the glycogen stores is to drink a high glucose, dextrin or maltodextrin beverage. The glucose from these drinks is absorbed swiftly into the bloodstream (highest GI) and causes the blood glucose level to soar. This leads to a spike in the insulin levels so the blood glucose is quickly transported into the muscle cells where it supplies energy preventing catabolism and replaces glycogen stores. A drink supplying between 50 and 100g of glucose, dextin or maltodextrin will provide enough energy.

    Why Amino Acids?

    After a resistance training session where muscles have been torn protein synthesis is at its height in order to repair and increase muscle mass. It is therefore essential that there are enough amino acids to allow full protein synthesis. The quickest way to supply amino acids is by di, tri peptide amino acids. Whey protein is the protein that is absorbed the fastest so a whey shake is better than any other protein source (casien, soy, animal) immediately after training. Because the insulin levels will be spiked due to the glucose drink the amino acids are absorbed rapidly as well. So put 40g Whey protein into the glucose drink.

    Other useful supplements immediately after training.

    Creatine 5g (maximum the body can utilize per day any more is a waste of money) will replace used creatine phosphate bonds used during lifting. Due to the insulin spike from the glucose this is the optimal time for creatine uptake.


    Drink: 50-100g glucose, dextrin or maltodextrin (Mix them)
    40g Whey protein
    5g Creatine

    If anyone wants to add what they think is good immediately after workout be my guest.

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    Good post, thanks for posting it.

    I love all posts about diets, you never can know too much about anything. (ok well maybe grandmas sex life but lets not think of that lol)


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    For a good post on bulking see article entiled

    "Bulking for begginers"

    For a good post on cutting see article entitled

    "A comprehensive guide to cutting"

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    10g of Glutamine is all i add to my cocktail, but i do creatine and Glu. and dextrose in change room then have my MRP about 30 min later after the dextrose has had time to spike slin levels and been working really good so far.

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