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Thread: diet help

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    diet help

    hey everyone, i have been cutting now for about 3 months. I have lost weight but don't feel like i look like i am losing enough bf for all the weight i have lost. i am 6'3"-225-230lbs and bodyfat is probably about 12-13 %
    when i started cutting i was 255lbs. I eat clean
    diet has been 2800-3000 calories
    45% protien
    45% carbs
    10% fat

    I am trying to get my percentages for protien,carbs and fat just right but I am having trouble finding what the best percentages are.

    so if you guys could give me some pointers as to how I can come up with an effective cutting diet.

    oh I am on wk 6 of a 10 week cycle
    test cyp 400 mg/wk-wks1-10
    test prop 100mg/d -wks4-6
    dbol 30mg/d-wks1-4
    fina 75mg/d -wks6-10

    just started the fina
    since i am mot eating alot I am not really growing
    mostly using the roids to keep the muscle i have and put on 5-10 lbs of quality muscle in the process

    all help very much appreciated. thanx-max

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    The fina alone will raise your basal metabolic rate by atleast 300cals a day so just the addition of that will help you. What are your carb sources? the ratio I try to follow is somewhat close to yours....40 P, 40 C, 20 F.

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