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    help a chubby guy out

    Hoping someone can help me with some diet help.

    I am on a cutting cycle right now. Doing cardio at least 4x per week. And still having trouble getting the fat off. My arms and legs are really cutting up, but my waist/belly seem to be growing.

    I have tried lowering my carbs, and keeping my protein high, but that only seemed to make things worse.

    The other preblem I run into, is that none of the other people I know that are into bodybuilding have a body like mine. Every last one of them started working out because they were small/thin....when they stop working out, they get skinny. So none of there advice seems to work for me.

    Pretty frustrated here. Is there anyone out there who gets chubby when they quit working out? Right now I am 260 and 16% (6'5'') I'm sure there will be more questions for me, but I hope that mostly explains it.


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    Can you post the diet you've been using?

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    This is going to sound really basic but do you now how many calories you need a day to maintain weight? If you do it should be simply - at least 500kcal to lose weight. Keep protein high eat 6 times a day. restrict carbs at last meal. This combined with cardio cannot fail.

    Oh yeah and the biggest thing WILL POWER. don't cheat, can you definatly say you don't cheat, maybe a diet log would be useful?

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    good reply Pembo

    throw in some flaxseed oil and GALLONS OF WATER and you have it heh

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    what kind of cardio do you do running 3 miles a day works for me i eat anything i want and i dont get fat i thing running will help you alot good luck on your diet

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    I would get on a fat burning supplement. Low cals high protein diet. 5 days of cardio with a minimum of 45mins of cardio. I do a thousand situps a day.

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    Unfortuneatly you are going to be faced with two goals instead of the one goal that your friends are currently working on. You are going to have to drop the extra body fat while at the same time increase your lean muscle mass. Cardio alone will not simply burn the calories away and like you mentioned if you are taking in to much protien your body will only convert this to excess protien to unwanted body fat. You really need to work on your individual caloric intake. Like anything else with the body's complex metabloic pathways this is gentically specific for you and you alone. So anything else that some one else tries may not work for you. If your interested I can show you how to figure this up just shoot me a pm and I'll be glad to run everything down for you. It is not only important to know how many grams of protien, carbs ect you need to take in but when and how to take them in as well. Keep up the cardio and good luck.

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    list your diet
    how many cals u takin in

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