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Thread: Help me quick!

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    Shades McCool is offline New Member
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    Help me quick!

    For the past 4 days I have been on the following ratio
    .60:.30:.10 Protien/Fat/Carbs

    I take in about 1900 Calories a day. I am 6' 200lbs and 10% body fat.

    How important are refeed days? Will I suffer if I dont get these refeed days. Someone please explain this to me! I also do 3 days a week of good empty stomach am cardio!

    Also I am taking in close to 300g of protien a day. Is that enough to make sure I dont loose any of my muscle?

    I would really like some help here because I havent been getting many responses on Elite Fitness. I just need some good help from more that just one or two people!

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    wild-one is offline Female Member
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    Not carbing up when you're supposed to will the reduce thyroid hormones responsible for metabolism...when they drop, so does your metabolism

    I suggest you carb up twice a week. On the two days you carb up, your calorie intake will jump...this will prevent your body from getting used to a certain level of kcals.

    Functions of a carb up meal (taken directly from another post):

    Refuels glycogen stores

    Prevents decline in metabolism, (T3 synthesis remains optimal)

    Provides variety – mental ease

    Facilitates muscular growth by inducing uptake of Amino Acids and insulin

    surge drives IGF-1 production. Optimizes “anabolic ” effect of insulin, while minimizing the lipogenic (fat producing) effect.

    A carb up would normally consist of 1/2-1 cup oats, 8-10 oz sweet potato, a banana, cup of veggies & 1 tbsp of fat...flax, peanut butter, etc......done in your 6th meal twice a week.

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    wild-one is offline Female Member
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    297're 6' 200lbs @ 1900 kcals?

    For comparison sake...I cut at 1800-1900 kcals for competition and I'm a 120lb female!

    I think your kcals are too low

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    I am a similar height and weight to you and i cut on a 2300kcal diet. IMO 1900 is to aggressive you take the chance of losing muscle. If your not cutting for competition don't restrict your kcals to aggressivly and I would use glutamine first thing in the morning before cardio to prevent catabolism.

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