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    Please comment my diet

    Hi all

    Can you please comment my diet , I am 23 years old ,204.6 lbs , 1.74m tall and have been training for almost 8 years. My bodyfat at the moment is at 10 -12% . I want to gain as much muscle weight as possible and possible take my weight up to a constant 220 lbs

    My diet are as follows I eat basically the same food every day with a cheat day once a week where I eat what I like.

    100g Oates with raisins and honey
    6 eggs blended with 400ml milk , cocao and honey
    1 cup youghurt

    Morning snack :
    1 Meal replacement shake ( 40g protein , 50g carbs)

    2 Chicken breasts prepared in the microwave
    100g Pasta

    Pre workout snack
    1 Meal replacement shake ( 40g protein , 50g carbs)

    Post workout
    500ml Energade sports drink - 100g carbs

    30min later
    1 Meal replacement shake ( 40g protein , 50g carbs)

    250g Steak
    1 1/2 Cup white rice or Chips
    1/2 cup mixed veggies or green salad

    Pre bed snack
    1 cup rice crispies with 250ml milk and sugar
    1 cup youghurt

    I sometimes swop the steak at dinner for 2 pieces of fish .I try to drink 8 cups of water during the day and another 4 at the gym. My workouts are all 1 hour and less . I train 5 days a week with a training program similair to big Kevs

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    I'd add some creatine with my post workout carb drink. Try also adding protein before bed, and cutting out the sugar. You want your pre-bedtime snack to be a protein other than whey, like casein, albumen, or other slower acting protein since your goal is to not get catabolic during the night. Depending on your cardio activity level you'll need at least 300 grams of protein daily which you can easily accomplish on your diet. I'd also add good bit of fibrous veggies for obvious reasons. Apart from that you should use glutamine @ 5 grams 2x daily, and good EFA supplement.

    Good luck

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    for your post workout meal add 40 grams protein . and then instead of 30 minutes later eat your next meal 1 hours later. the same meal. peace, oh yea change your prebedtime meal also to a time released protein powder or steak or eggs. later

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