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    Please PM me your chicken recipies!!

    I want something new and fresh for the summer diet!

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    Quick and easy . . . I don't like to fuss with my cookin. I buy skinless chicken breasts from the supermarket, wash 'em & put 'em in individual baggies. Come dinner time, I'll throw a frozen one in the microwave for 10 minutes, splash a bit of soy sauce and lemon juice on it, and that makes me happy. Every once in a while a bit of BBQ sauce or lime juice, whatever.
    For a while I'd pop a 5 lb whole chicken in a crock pot in the morning with whatever else might be handy in the fridge . . . got to wondering how much of that whole chicken was edible and how much was fat, cartilidge, bones, etc, so I measured a few. Discovered that only about 25% of a whole chicken is really edible meat. Ugh. So when it's a choice between a whole chicken at 70 cents/lb or skinless/boneless for $2.50, I go for the skinless/boneless. More convenient, too.
    Used to cook it in the oven (takes forever!) with broccoli and mushroom soup and cheese. Tasted pretty good. Sometimes cook it on a propane grill, which is pretty good, too.
    All in all, chicken is chicken is chicken, and pretty much all you can really do is cook it and put something you like on top of it.

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