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    Question cut cycle suggestions

    i am preparing on starting a cut cycle in july, i alrady have a botle of ttokkyo winnnie, what else should i mix with it, is primobolan depot good to mix with it?

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    Jun 2002
    and also what would be a good carb and protein intake during my cycle?
    i am 6'2 210 lbs?

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    I think you should post your first question to the Steroid section of the board for the right mix.

    For your second question, I had great results on a cutting cycle with very low carb, and high protien. If you want to take in carbs and cut at the same time, you will have to restrict your fat intake and calorie intake pretty severely.

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    alevok Guest
    I'm doing a cutting cycle similar to yours
    10-12 weeks of 300mgwinstrol depot/w and 300mgprimo/week along with clenbuterol .
    It is going great. I gained quality mass while burning serious fat. Take a look to my anavar to see how it worked for me.
    Best luck

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