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    is there somethin that will let me eat more

    wuts up fellas im 20 yrs old 5 '11 135lbs i'v been liftin for a while but i can only get to a certain weight until i stop gainin and a big reason is , is that i cant eat as much as i need to , to get the weight i was wonderin if there is somethin to take to help me eat more or is roids my only hope? and also i was wonderin how much protien i should take in a day ? i weigh 135lbs i know there is a math thing to figure it out i just dont know it.

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    For protein, I would recommend 1.5-2g to 1Lb of body weight, so in your case 202.5-270g or somewhere around there.
    As for eating more, sometimes you just have to train your stomach like you train your muscles. Get 6-8 meals a day, and try to hit a 500 calorie mark on those meals. Incorporate a weight gainer if necessary. Eat a shit load of pasta, rice, and oats for your carbs and slap yourself a butt load of cow products for your protein.
    Last but not least, start a diet journal to monitor your intake so you can adjust if necessary.

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