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Thread: Food amounts

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    Food amounts

    Hey gang

    I have been reading this morning about diet info.
    I keep reading that you need to eat alot post workout
    (i workout at 6AM so nothing besides a shake before i hit the gym)

    things like this..

    eat 7 egg whites and a bowl of oatmeal

    Ok.. umm im a fat guy but i have never been able to eat that much in one meal.

    Its normally like 2-3 egg whites and 1 yolk


    1 bowl oatmeal with a protien shake w/flaxseed oil

    I am just fine after this amount of food. I cant imagine stuffing in that much after my workout.

    What do yall think? is it a MUST to eat that much food post workout? or will my hunger increase as i become ripped?

    thanks everyone

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    Are you lifting as well as cardio in the morning? If it is just cardio I would cut out the shake...burn more calories on an empty stomach. I eat 8 egg whites and two pieces of wheat toast after my morning actually isn't that much when you see it on your plate and I eat the jumbo are just dieting to lose right now and presevre what muscle you have right? I think I remember that from your progress post...If so, cut the egg whites down to 4 so you will restrict some calories...when I was cutting down from 305 to 215, I would do 30 mins cardio at 6AM, eat 4 egg whites and two pieces of wheat toast at 8 AM, 11 AM I would eat a tuna sandwich and a can of green beans, lift weights at noon, at 2 PM I would eat another tuna sandwich, 5 PM I would eat a Myoplex, 20 mins of cardio at 6 PM and at 8 PM I would have a protein shake. Of course I added Thermogen II twice a day...Your hunger will increase as your metabolism speeds up, since you are eating 5 - 6 small meals and doing cardio...Hope this helps!

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