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    your advices on my carb reload please !!!

    I want to know what you think about the way I do my carb reload:I'm in the final moment of my cutting cycle,cut ALL the carbs in the week and do a reload in the week end of this way:
    -saturday all day long I eat a clean diet with no carbs in the day til 7 pm,then I do my first carb meal with all I want (btw it's not a lot of food cuz I don't wanna eat too much at once,and it's not necesserly bad depends... )
    -on sunday:I eat all I want but almost CLEAN DIET (low carbs,proteins...sometimes a big mac...) and I add a little bit of free sugar (ice cream...)
    -back on no carbs diet for the week

    I do it since the beginning of my cutting cycle (6 weeks ago) it helps to make me feel good in my head and it seems to be more important since I began the no carbs diet cuz my muscles look flat and I feel slow in my head lol...
    what do you think about my reload technical ?
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    Hey bro I would be careful reintroducing carbs at such a late hour in the day. This is typically the part of day that one begins to wind down and less caloires are burned as a result. When depleteing your body of carbs you do see a dramatic fat lose however this is often times only temporarily as once they (carbs) are re-introduce the body soaks them back up like a sponge and the fat gain is often times high at this point. Keep carb intake up in the day when you are most active. Your body needs carbs to build muscle and although most muscle is repaired and built during your sleep it is often believed that this is the best time to re-introduce them into your diet. This could not be farther from the truth. Re-intorduce them slowly in the actice part of the day, keep your cardio up and fat gains should be at a minimal. A good fat burner may also aid in this as well. Good luck

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