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Thread: problem of gas

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    problem of gas


    When i drink my protein + carb with milk, it gives me a lot of gas
    and that very painful, do you think guy that it s normal and what i have to do to control that it s very ambrassing
    i take 20g of prot + 20g of carg twices a day
    Maybe should i take some medecine
    thank you for you help

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    You can by this stuff called Bitters. It's in every grocery store, usually used in mixed drinks and some dishes. Tastes pretty bad, but one Tblspn of that and your good to go.

    You also might want to try and cut out the milk and use water. The sugar and fat in the milk might cause indigestion with the protein.

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    chinups Guest
    Ginger is good and Charocal tabs I heard too.

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    I have the same prob cause I am lactosintalorent...I take lactate pills before I drink my protien shake and it helps me alot...might help you

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    Okay, I have had the same problem for years. One guy told me that when you put alot of protein and carbs together (In other words eat alot of both at the same time), the stomach acids, used to digest both are two different acids, and therefore, they both go to work causing all kinda of gas and stomach rumbles. It sounded good anyways, and this guy was a self proclaimed nutricianists, so I sorta believed him. I know for a fact, when I eat to much protein, I can lauch to the moon with all the gas I have.
    Just some suggestions I found that worked for me, try eating less protein but eating more often. In other words, take your shake, or what ever, only drink half of what you normally drink in about an hour drink the other half. That worked for me really well. But the unfortunate thing about eatting clean sometimes give you gas no matter what.

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    Eat less carbs. When I cut out my carbs I hardly ever pass wind.

    I also have the same problem with Milk. I don't drink any. I was drinking soy milk but that can raise estrogen levels. Just water my friend ... well and lots of coffee.

    I did find that Goat's milk was easy on the gas but I didn't like the feta cheese after taste. Best not to drink milk of any kind. Milk is for babies after all.

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