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Thread: bulking ?

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    NJTGG is offline New Member
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    bulking ?

    First ?
    Is it as important to get 2 grams of protein to one lbs of body weight as it is to eat a lot, getting a lot of calories
    second ?
    If i only workout 4 days a week should i worry about eating on the days that i dont lift

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    KeyMastur is offline VET
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    hell yeah worry about eating on the days you don't lift - you're body will still be looking for nutrients to replenish the muscles with.

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    The 2 grams of protein per 1 lbs of bw is something that many many ppl debate.. I'm of the group that says 1-1.5 is fine.

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    williampowers is offline Junior Member
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    new york
    You grow when you are not in the gym and the diet is 85% of the tally
    keep it clean and loaded with protein good carbs and water....
    I usually have 1.5 as long as it's over 1.5 gram. Also depends on cycle cutting, usually closer to 2 grams bulking closer to 2 grams but maintaining I shoot for a lesser amt about 1 gram

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