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    Anyone a Vegetarian/vegan

    Hi all

    I know this is must be an evil notion among bodybuilders, but i'd just like to ask some advice.

    I'm a vegetarian/vegan and been so for about 4 years, and getting back into the gym, havent trained for a while, but i'm wondering about good sources of protein, i'm currently 6'5" 120kg's, so i must be doing something right, at least 20% body fat tho i eat a lot of vege sausages and that kind of thing, tofu, bean curd, i recently was astonished to figure out that i get about 35g of protein at breakfast, but i dont think i get enough for the rest of the day, maybe another 30g or so, this is definetely not enough, i need about 250g's i think. i get a lot of carbo's so thats not a problem, just the protein i'm worried about. Any recommendations on protein drinks? i used to take them years ago, but they tasted like shit.

    I had a blood test the other day and have good levels of iron/calcium etc i'm going to start my first cycle of Deca (200mg/week) in about 2/3 months.

    Thanks, i doubt any of you are veggies, but i had to ask.

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    If you are vegetarian there are ALOT of options bro, vegan, well you are gonna be REALLY hard pressed to do much more than you already are.

    I couldn't get passed 165 as a vegan......1.5yrs after eating meat I went 216 w/out gear.....prolly 14-15% but only 5'8"

    any soy protein you are gonna drink (strictly soy) is gonna taste like shit, lol....but if you are vegan that is really the only kind available....otherwise if you can drink milk and why products you will be good to go.

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    I'm also a vegetarian. Kind of curios as to the answer myself. I get around 240 grams a day, but thats with a few supps.

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