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    Exclamation do u really need food?

    ---does anyone know exactly why its bad to get all yur protein from protein drinks and your fat from supplental pills? if your on a diet ofcourse, you would be eatting really clean right??---


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    Well i did this when i was younger, i had about 5 protein shakes a day and about 20 pills of amino acids, calcium, iron etc, and they really screwed me up, i did this for about 3 weeks, and at the end of it i was sick for about another 3, doing this means your not eating, this screws up your digestive system, imagine not going for a shit for 2 weeks, not very pleasant, then when you go back onto food, you throw it all up, because your body isnt used to eating natural foods.

    These protein shakes and pills are not natural, and you need more than these can provide, they only provide minerals, no real vitamins (depending on what you take of course)

    From personal experience, just use protein shakes as a booster not totally replace your diet with that stuff.

    But it's your body, give it a shot see if you like the results.

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    Eat real food, try to get most of the protein out of eggs, poultry, fish, lean beef. 1-2 protein shake daily is enough. I add 6egg whites to every protein shakes. Try it, you wont regret.

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    Alevok, do you not worry about salmonella? Or do you use beaters?

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    Originally posted by PaPaPumP
    Alevok, do you not worry about salmonella? Or do you use beaters?
    No I dont, salmonella should worry about me. Unfortunately we dont have beaters here and I cant eat more than 12 cooked eggs/day.

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