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Thread: good breakfast!

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    good breakfast!

    through all of the thing I learned about deting for a better be creative with your meals..or youll go nuts! I once read an article by dorian yates, on a recipe for a breakfast..its fast and easy, and good too! I use it while dieting and actually ;look forward to eating it! and i have dieted now for 1-2 shows a year, for the last 8 years..allthough a took a couple of year breaks in there..
    You put 8 eggs in the blender, pre contest i usually went with 5 whites, 3 yolks..adjust it as you need, 3 scoops of protien, and a little water, and vanilla extract, and 1 cup of oatmeal, blend until it has the consistency of pancake badder....heat a pan, with pam in it, pour mixture into pan, cook on low medium, until its bubbling, flip it..its like a big pancake! Off season i use jelly or a little butter...try it

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    oatmeal pancakes are THEEEEE best!!!!!!!!!!! Buy some keto syrup...simply divine.

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