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    getting shredded

    Is it true that you can't get completely shredded by just cutting back on carbs a lot, eating mostly protein, and doing lots of cardio? I heard the only way to get really hard and ripped is to do the above and take anti-estrogens? Is this true? Are estrogen blockers a must if you're trying to get incredible cuts?

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    If you get very lean then you'll look fantastic whether you are holding water or not.

    The amount of water you hold subdermally doesn't depend just on your estrogen levels, sodium - potassium levels make a difference too plus other things such as stress etc.

    They say that all the pro's etc. take anti-estrogens before a competition to help dry out but this isn't all they do. Many drop sodium intake before a competition; use diruretics and god knows what else.

    Best thing I can recommend is that you get ripped and get a experienced trainer / competitor to look you over and tell you if you are holding water or whether it's just a little bit more fat that needs to be burnt off.

    If you are on the gear or think you have naturally high oestrogen levels then look into taking proviron .

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