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    looking for help

    Hello guys im lokking forword to doing my second show right now im 200lbs and im 5"8 i was 251 im still holding far at the bottom of my stomach a friend recommended winny i will start at the end of the week i need help please .

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    Many people are confused about winny. Winny is "not" a fat burner. What winny can do for you is help you keep your hard earned lean muscle mass while on a stick diet and trying to cut down bf. If you are looking for something to help you lose fat you may want to look at clen or t3 or even take the safer and more legal route and try an ECA like hydroxycut or xenadrine. How is your diet currently looking? That could be your problem right there. How much cardio are you doing? If all that is dead on..and you are having problems with losing fat in certain areas have you looking into Yohimburn? What is your current fat % right now and when is your show?

    by the way welcome to AR
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