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    Post workout meal for evening lifters

    I typically lift between 7 and 8pm, slam a shake directly after and head home. I know I need to eat a full meal 1-2 hours after I workout, but I typically go to bed around 10p. Does this affect how many carbs I should take in since it's so closed to bedtime? What would be the best post workout nutrition in this situation?


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    It depends on your goals. If your cutting, it would be wise to stay away from carbs that late at night. Stay with the protein shake following your workout but next time add some simple carbs to it. I usually down a cranberry juice drink or a gatorade after my workout. Then about 45-60 minutes later, I usually eat a can of tuna (or chicken) straight from the can with maybe a few low fat wheat thins or crackers.

    Bulking for me is a different story. I still have a protein drink and a gatorade for a post workout drink. About an hour later (usually around 10) I have a couple pieces of chicken, a couple tsp.'s of natty pB, and a Big Ass glass of Milk! By that point my stomack looks like Rosie O'Donnell's ass and then I call it a day.
    Until next time bro...keep dat diet in check.

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