As some of you already know i consider myself to be somewhat of an expert on natural healing. I have been studying homeopathy for 3yrs now and i am here to answer any question all of you may have in regards to preventative measures, and heling methods. I wanted to post this since i have been receiving a few PM in regards to cholesterol levels in men. And we all know that when we use AAS the risk of increased Cholesterol levels is very common. I will answer any question any of you may have through PM's and will post answers so that all members can see.

The National Cholesterol Education Program has set the "safe" level of total serum cholesterol (including both LDL and HDL) at 200 miligrams per deciliter of blood (mg/dl) A reading above 200 indicates an increased potential for development heart disease. 200-239 is borderline, and anything over 240 is high risk. The normal HDL level for adult men in the U.S is 45-50mg/dl. HDL levels between 60-80 may protect against heart disease. An HDL level under 35 is risky. Meaning if you have cholesterol reading of 200, HDL at 80 and LDL at 120, you are considered at low risk for heart disease.