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    Morning meal- before workout?

    What do you guys do? I'm a newbie and looking for suggestions. Or should I skip and wait until after the workout to eat?

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    I think we just had a thread on this.

    If I am doing cardio, I just drink water and eat afterwards.

    If it's strength, I usually munch down some egg whites w/1 whole egg, and sometimes add some rice.

    If it's both, I am probably doing only shoulders, and I still don't eat until after.

    Really, it's about figuring out what works for you. Some people can't train at all on a completely empty stomach, they get light headed or whatever. Some people can't eat anything for a few hours before.

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    chinups Guest
    I was that way but got use to it. Empty stomach is nothing to me now. I also take a fat burner before I work out for energy.

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    i just recently read if your going to weight train you should eat some source of protein. the amino acids are awesome while working out and prevents you from going catabolic etc.

    I use amino acid 2222 by optimum just about an hour before and i ususally eat a few hour before as i train late mornings.

    If your doing cardio dont eat before as you burn more fat reserves on an empty stomach .

    It all depends on your body and what works for you like tigress said .

    good luck and welcome to AR bro
    P.S is that your boxer in the avatar --- good looking dog

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