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Thread: Vegetarianism

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    How successful can one be in bodybuilding after transforming to vegetarinism?

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    I dont think you'll get too many veggies on this board (although i know a few of you are here), but i'm a veggie, have been for about 4 years, i dont find it hard to get big at all, i'm currently gaining 1 kilo (2.2lb) per week (not even using gear), i eat a lot of beans, soy, bread, veggies, some fruits, home made muffins, soups etc... i get tons of protein, about 200g+ with only 1 protein shake, my biggest hits of proteins are my first and last meals of the day, with about 30-40g for each meal in-between.

    My stats:

    b/f -20%+???

    dont let anyone tell you that getting big needs a lot of meat, you just have to be prepared to cook a lot of things yourself.

    hope this helps.
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    Lostsoul is correct,
    One dose not necessarily have to ingest meat to take in adequate amounts of protein, however, I personally would not recommend it. The simple fact is that it takes your body longer to digest meat and that requires more energy = more fat loss. That and the fact that although I have taken numerous protein supplements, I have just always had better results while bulking up on whole foods which the main stable of my diet was some kind of meat.

    Beans, certain veggies and most soy supplements are all ok. ( Wasn't that already mentioned though?) Anyway, good luck with your diet.

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    I didn't have too muc problem growing as a vegetarian but a VEGAN, now that is tough, lol. Actually my first 40lbs from lifting were put on as a vegetarian/vegan....the first 20 were as a vegan then I got another 20 after adding dairy to my diet. It is very possible, as it has already been said, to be successful with a vegetarian diet.

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