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    Post Diet and workout routine....

    Let me say a few things about myself first.Im 23 years old and i am into bodybuilding from my mid teens. The last 2-3 years i have tried to learn as much as i can about the sport regarding training,nutrition and drug use.

    Ok i will be honest. I am not a natural. I have used steroids 3 times so far. The last time i also abused them by taking with them other drugs as well like thyroid hormones, clenbuterol , ephedrine, glucophage etc. It took me 2 years to realise that steroids are not for me. They put unbelievable stress into my life and hate the
    fact that they seem to control my whole schedule.So i have decided not to use them again.

    I have also experimented with a lot of different diets.I have never been cut ,to tell you the truth i don't think my bodyfat ever went below 12%. Anyway during the summer i tried a low carb diet (not no-carb) with about 50 -60 grams carbs per day. I didn't enjoy my training at all and i also got 0 results because i started cheating too often.

    And when i say cheat i mean all out. As if i couldn't think at all while i was eating. Last month my
    diet was mostly protein , sugar and some bad fat. Fortunately i also do plenty of cardio so my bodyfat hasn't skyrocketed. But i am sick of feelling like shit after eating like this.I don't know what is causing those huge cheats... Anyway this is my last day eating like this and i designed a diet so as to be healthy and good looking.

    I am not looking to be shredded or anything like this. I just want to look and be healthy. I am 5'10 , 195lbs and 16-18% bodyfat.

    So here is it :

    20 minutes high intensity cardio

    meal 1 50 gr oats, 1 scoop whey/casein, 10-12 almonds

    meal 2 150 gr fruit salad, protein shake with 1 scoop protein and 1 tsp flax

    meal 3 100 gr chicken breast , 1 sweet potato , small salad with mixed greens

    meal 4 100 gr chicken breast , 100 gr brown rice, small salad with mixed greens and 1 tsp flax

    workout with weights and 20-30 minutes low intensity cardio immediately after

    meal 5 50 gr oats , 1 scoop whey

    meal 6 (pre bed) 60 gr chicken breast , small salad with mixed greens

    Totals: 170 gr carbs, 170 carbs protein and 40 gr fat 1720 kcals, 40p/40c/20f

    Supplements used : Metaburn (ephedrine free) from MRM, ALA, multi-vitamin, Vit C, Vit E,L-tyrosine+beta carotene(trying to tan) , flax seed oil ,potassium/magnesium, CLA, ZMA,B-complex, l-glutamine,BCAAs

    As for protein i will be using for whey : Designer,Nitrotech,Vp2,Vyo-pro,Isopure
    and for whey/casein i will be using protein 92+ from nature's best.

    I also have some MRPs (ny-tro-pro,isopure,myoplex) which i will use only in emergencies as i like better whole food.

    I won't be using any ephedrine just yet, as i abused it the whole summer.I will start again in a month or two for the extra kick.However, i drink 2-3 cups of black coffee as i enjoy it very much and i am addicted of course.
    i know many of you will say to take simple sugars post workout but i have tried it and i don't like the bloat that it gives me plus i really don't see a difference in recovering.

    I plan to keep this diet from monday to saturday and on sunday to have one or two cheat meals (but in moderation) just to keep me sane. Cardio will be done 6 times per week and workout with weights 5 times per week.

    Sorry for the long post but it was my first and i wanted to be as precise as i could be.

    Will this schedule make me lose some weight and keep me healthy ? Any opinions are appreciated. Thanks

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    I would make the cardio in the morning low intensity just like your post workout cardio, i think it is the most efficient way to reduce body fat as well as maintane lean muscle mass. I would reduce the fruit to no more then 50gm of carbs coming from fruite. I would increase the protein to about 1.5 gm of protein fro every pound of your body weight so that would be about 280-290gm per day, other then that i would keep the rest as is, it looks pretty good to me Bro...good luck...XXL

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    WOW bro ! Nice plan. You are going to lose it fer sure ! You need more protein though and a little more carbs.. Cut the fruit salad out and make it cottage cheese ...
    I am doing the same , weight loss thing, as you .... I have had tons of feedback from everyone.

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