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    Low-glycemic foods....

    Hello all.

    Alright it is general knowledge that if one wishes to gain as least amount of fat as possible, he should go for lower-glycemic carbs except for post-workout.

    Now my question is, if this is the case.... Wouldn't it be best to just go all out and convert all of the meals of the day to non-fat, artificially sweetened yogurt, which scores a 20 on the glycemic scale? Yes this is insane, but I am thinking ,does the variety in food matter? Or is it just the the count of calories and carb/prot/fat ratios ?

    I am curious because I am crazy enough to try this if this was actually the best method, altho it would probably be best to have an oatmeal/egg meal pre/post-workout, but besides that, it would be a shame to toss my chicken/brown rice meals and so forth...

    But would this actually be beneficial? Because a 79 of brown rice vs. a 20 of the yogurt is kind of hard to compete with....

    Anyone have opinions on this? Of course yogurt isn't a solid meal which might also present a few problems. But regardless, a 20 on the glycemic scale is hard to argue with.

    I am crazy enough to toss out all of my higher glycemic foods(brown rice oatmeal etc) and just go for non-fat, artifically sweetened yogurt, if it means the best non-fattening results... so some one please stop me or confirm me to go ahea with this .

    Thank you,


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    I see your point in yogurt but almost no one would suggest eating only that.

    In our lifestyle we try to create a balance between working out and out diet. Yeah many of us go on hardcore diets from time to time, but a solid well rounded diet can only serve you well.

    At the most i would eat a few servings but i would not throw out everything else for it. before long you would grow bored of it and you could totally blow off eating right. prolly wouldnt happen but had to say it

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    Atificially flavored yogurt contains aspartame which is a neurotoxin. Not to mention the majority of the carbs are from sugars, namely fructose and lactose. Not the best choices for carbohydrates. I find that when I eat a couple cups of yogurt a day I bloat significantly, hate it. I would rather down brown rice veggies and or oats anyday over the any kinda sugars.

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    Not recommended bro, stick with eating several different foods per meal - the food with the lowest glycemic value will generally govern the rate of digestion and absorption of the meal (assuming that it takes up a moderate fraction of the total meal).

    Also, worth pointing out is that fructose converts to fat - this explains why a lot of fruits have low glycemic values.


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