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    pre and post practice/game

    Im a football player and i was wondering if anyone would know what it would be better for me to eat before practice and after practice, im 6'4 and 255lbs, practice usally last from somewhere around 315-330 till around 530-6. any input would be great thanx, also games usally last about 4hrs, so how would i get everything i need to get me thur and recover at the end?

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    For lunch, you could down some pasta, oatmeal, anything high in carbs since you're bustin around in the heat for 2 hours.

    As for right before, don't know what to tell you - just something you won't yak up.

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    I agree with KeyMastur. Nothing heavy right before, trust me you'll get sicker than a dog and cramps to go with it. The night before a game I'd start loading up on carbs and eat a good heavy lunch. Tjat usually worked for me, if you need to eat something right before a game try a banana or some kinda fruit.

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