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    new diet, need opinion

    ok, since i have a job, i decided that i can actually spend the money for a
    good diet (that crap aint 60 bucks a week). i just started it
    today. my plan is to cook all the food on sunday and portion it out into 7
    plastic baggies that i can just grab outta the fridge each day of the week
    and bring to school/work.

    protein smoothie
    50 grams of protein, lots of simple carbs...all it is is frozen fruit, fat
    free yogurt, a banana, brown sugar, and tons of eggwhites

    that kind with the fruit already mixed in. quaker instant strawberries and

    grilled chicken breast
    38 grams of protein. marinated with teriaky sauce only.

    grilled fajita beef (8oz)
    40 grams of protein. its that preseasoned fajita meat you buy at the grocery
    store. its got suprising low fat compared to other steaks and red meat stuff
    i looked at.

    zaterans cheese jambalya
    ok, this is the bad part of my diet. the rice and sauce don't actually have
    much fat at all (3g per serving), its the sausage i use has about 13g of fat
    per 2 links. hmm, now that i think about it, its not that bad...i only use 3
    links per package of the stuff. anyways, i include this meal for the carbs
    from the rice.

    protein smoothie
    50 grams of protein, same as the above smoothie.

    i try to eat only veggies after 7 or 8 pm at night. arg, i admit, i dip the
    veggies in ranch or blue cheese veggie dip...=/

    how does it sound? its roughly 180 grams of protein a day. i weigh only 160,
    so i figure thats enough. do you think its cool to grill the beef and
    chicken all on sunday and eat it for the rest of the week? will it go bad or
    anything? i would throw in tuna, but i hate that crap...=/ every month or
    so, i try to buy a can and force myself to get used to it...but i can't...too
    many memories of my ex...

    -clocky baby

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    alevok Guest
    If it is a bulking diet then sounds good. If you are thinking of cutting you must eliminate some of your items.

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