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    Diet critique request

    Hey guys, bro's if I may,
    Since I'm a new poster, been reading for a while though, I thought I would toss up my diet/workout schedule and see if there is anyone who might suggest some tweeks to it. I'm 6-00 240 and have been lifting for just over a year (seriously anyways) During that time I have dropped 40lbs but I seem to have hit a rough spot. I haven't lost any weight in over a month. I workout at home and have a pretty nice setup there. Well here it is, let me know if you see any obvious flaws.

    Lift three on, one off, three on. Cardio 3-4 times per week. Right now my cardio consists of jumping rope since it's getting a little to cold in the morning to run. Cardio is always done in the AM before any food intake. Lifting takes place in the AM after cardio or in the PM depending on my schedule. I wait one hour after cardio to eat, which is usually when I lift. Following the lift, I eat my first meal.

    My diet is based on about 2000 cal. p/day which come from 4-5 meals. Those meals consist of about 300g of protein and I try to limit the carbs and cut them out completely after 4pm. I eat the Myoplex shakes, tuna, salmon, brown rice, cottage cheese, turkey, chicken, an occasional salad and egg whites.

    Supplements I take include: Glutamine, daily vitamin, ECDY Max, whey protien (added to the shakes), Hydroxycut and glucosamine.

    Well thats about it. Like I said, I have been stuck at 240 for about a month. Prior to this I was losing about 1-2-3 pounds a week. I have had weeks where I didn't lose anything, but they were followed by weeks I lose again. Any help or suggestions would be great.


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    If i were you i would swith up your cardio with your weights.. Hit the weights before you hit the cardio. Of course you still want to keep them both before any food intake. You also might want to restrict your cals a little lower just to see if you have any results, however, imo you have already cut your cals enough, but since your main focus seems to be weight loss i don't see this to be a problem.

    Bump for more opinions

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    How do you think you look? even though you arern't losing any weight that doesn't mean that your body fat % is lowering....remeber muscle weighs more than fat.

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