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    Protein Bars Are All Crap

    This is the reason why I don't eat protein bars anymore.
    Info On Protein Bars
    More On Protein Bars
    A Little More Info

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    Just know your ingredients and stay away from cheap proteins like soy that can lower testosterone levels after awhile... SOY IS ONLY GOOD FOR POSTMENAPAUSAL WOMEN

    Mmmmm... MesoTech bars... ahhhhhhh...

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    There are good bars and there are bad bars. Like Warrior says look at the ingredients and go by that.

    The low carb ploy is endemic now - all the companies have to say this else they'd lose out to the others who portray their bars as low carb.

    Generally, the bars non-carbohydrate carbs (if you know what I mean) have quite low gycemic levels and because the bar is a mishmash of ingedients it will have a low overal glycemis rating anyway (heck, even a snickers bar has a low glycemic rating - glycemic ratings are only ever useful when either a meal consists of predominantly one food item or the food items in the meal have similar glycemic ratings).

    In other words, don't worry too much. Try to make meat, eggs and fish your main sources of protein, supplement with whey powder and the odd bar and you should be laughing all the way to the squat rack!


    PS This comment from the first article:
    The joint NCL and CFA letter also raises concern about the “high protein, low carbohydrate” diets themselves. These diets have become popular in recent years, but there is little research that supports their effectiveness, the consumer groups said.
    What a joke. Shows how much they know eh? Scientists eh? They won't believe anything until they've been paid to test it, lol

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    They're good in a pinch. IMO , that is their purpose. Would yall rather eat a bar?, or a big mac with fries and a coke? Case closed. *mwah*

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