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    My diet log 5 days before trip to Cuba

    I am on a very stricked diet right now since I am off to Cuba this Saturday 19th of Oct. Since I found out I was going only three weeks ago, and I was in a bulking phase, this trip kinda threw me off. Before I knew I was going I was 195@13.5% bf. In three weeks I have gone down to 182@9.5%bf, and droping at a drastic weight.

    I would never recomend doing this type of diet for anyone, unless you know what your body can handle and is capable off, and frankly it is not very healthy to drop that much weight that fast. On top of that you are risking the loss of plenty of lean musle aswell.

    My goal in the next 5 days is to drop to 175@6-7%bf, and this is how I am going to do it.

    Supplements: Multi-Vitamins GNC(Ultra Mega Gold) Highly recommend these
    Vitamin C timed released(2000mg daly)
    Natural Vit. E(800i.u daily)
    Glucosamine/Choindroitin(5000mg daily)
    ALA(100mg after workouts)with 500grm L-Tyrosine
    Ginko Biloba (3 cups daily)
    Acidophilus(3billion live cells daily)
    Omega 3&6(2 table spoons daily)
    Whey Protein/and Isolate after workouts
    Arginine, Ornithine, Lysine, and Acetyl L-Carnitine(before bed)
    Glutamine 15grms after workout, and 10grms before bed
    E/C/A(Ripped Fuel American) 80-100mg of Ephedrine daily
    Thyroid Supplements, not medication

    The reason I am consuming so much Glucosamine/Choindroitin, is because I have shin splints from all the cardio I am doing. I would normally consume 2000-3000/daily. All vitmains are taken after meals, while taking omega 3&6 before meal. You want to consume your vit. with your essential fats for maximum absobtion, since many vitamins are fat soluble.

    Monday Oct 14, 2002
    (After a nice cheat day on Sunday for thanksgiving)

    Woke up late today and had breafast at 11:30am

    One tbl spoon(15ml) EFA's
    calories: 121, Carbs: 0.2grms, Fats: All good ones, Protein: 0.2grms

    2 slices of whole wheat bread
    calories: 130, Carbs: 24grms, Fat: 1.9grms, Protein: 2grms

    1 Table Spoon of Natural Peanut Butter
    calories: 95, Carbs: 8, Fat: 6.6grms(essential Fats), Protein: 5
    1.4grm of saturated fat

    Protein Shake
    calories: 200, Carbs: 7grms, Fat: 2.25, Protein: 37.5grms
    calories:546, Carbs: 39.2grms, Saturated Fat: 5.6grms, Pro:45

    Will update at 2:30pm at next meal

    Well Im a little behind schedule, its 3:00pm, and just finished eating after burning 735calories through cardio. After workout consumed 15grms of Glutamine, 100mg of ALA, 500mg of Tyrosine, and 500mg of Glocosamine/Chondroitin.

    Meal #2 (POST WORKOUT)
    calories:184, Carbs: 48High Glycemic, Fat:1.5grms, Pro: 0

    Isopure Low Carb Protein Shake
    calories: 197, Carbs: 2, Fat: 1, Pro:45

    Calories: 381, Carbs: 50, Fat: 2.5, Pro: 45

    Will update next at 6:00PM

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    Good luck bro and enjoy Cuba


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    Well a little late again.
    Chicken Breast:
    Calories:255, Carb:0, Fat:3, Pro:45

    Pita Bread
    Calories:192, Carb:40, Fat:0, Pro:7

    Calories:447, Carb:40, Fat:3, Pro:45

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