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    just starting out now

    hey guys well im 274 pounds with a bf of 38% yeah its huge i saw everyoen else bf % and i was liek almost droling lol. well im comited and moitvated and doign it for myself and not anyone else.... ive been goign now for botu 2 months so i should prolyl get my bf updated and i will this week since i took it a month ago... but needless to say ive only lost 15 pounds since then.. any one else had a previous high bf % and if so wut worked for u . love to ehar from ya guys look forward to readin more of the board l8er


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    Hey sonz sounds like your on your way man!!! 15 lbs in one month !!! thats monsterous!!! You keep that up and youll be ripped up in no time. I have seen some guys with a high B/F % lose over 100lbs in just over a year. Takes a lot of hard work and dedication though ...which iam sure you know. Guys ive talked to say its 75% diet and 25% training. I gues some supps can accelerate this as well. Keep up the awesome work. You will get there.

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