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    Talking help a fat guy out.

    do you guys have any ideas in some good meals for a diet?

    my diet is this,

    meal 1 oatmeal
    shake (muscle milk)

    meal 2 2 cans of tuna

    meal 3 fruit (orange or banana)

    meal 4 chicken

    shake (muscle milk)

    any ideas to make this better

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    wonderful world of oz,where juice is free,plentiful,sterile, and not toxic to the liver
    Meal 1: 8 egg whites and 1 whole egg mixed with 1/2 cup of dry oats. Spray non-stick spray(pam) on the pan and cook just like a pancake,top with sugar free syrup

    Meal 2: tuna that adds up to 50 grams of protein,

    Meal 3: Protein shake with corn flakes (this is your post workout meal bro)

    Meal 4: small sweet potato or small baked potato or small serving of brown rice with 2 chicken breasts (boiled or grilled)

    Meal 5: Either turkey or chicken breast or tuna with green veggie

    Meal 6: omelette 6 egg white 1 whole egg with fat free cheese,onions,bellpeppers,and mushrooms

    Meal 7: Protein Mix to utilize the most out of your GH levels during the night.

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    awsome, that looks good. thanks for you help.


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    It doesn't sound like you will be eating enough. When people try really drastic diets like what you are describing and what I would call a starvation diet, they don't usually stay on them long.

    So Deiselpower, my advise to "improve your meals" whould be to add more to them- boost the protien.

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